The Reclaimed Wood

Bois Antique is a direct supplier of authentic reclaimed wood materials, naturally aged salvaged from old barns.

Available as old claddings & planks, reclaimed floorings and also custom furnitures, the barn wood is an excellent choice when it cames to decorate your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Very unique and charming, the reclaimed wood is today the "most wanted" material, that adapts very easy to any decoration style.

BOIS ANTIQUE is a direct supplier of reclaimed wood naturally aged under several years.

Few things can give warmth to a room better than the authentic patina and the rich tones of a reclaimed wood. Even a simple reclaimed wood shelf or an old rack offers a unique natural element to a room, and it works even if the room is contemporary or traditional, adding character and a lot of style.
A reclaimed wood table is an easy way to add a note of wood in a room, but why not also consider using the barnwood to make a headboard, or a reclaimed wood mirror frame.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The reclaimed wood floorings that we have available are very unique and rare products custom made from old oak or wagon sleepers.

Looking for a rustic flooring?
We produce custom floorings from old wood that will certainly give to any environment a lot of character and style.
All our reclaimed wood floorings are delivered ready to be installed, adapted for any support (concrete our wood).

Depending on your projects, we always recommend the product that suits your demands, in any sizes and finishes.

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

We create custom reclaimed wood furniture from hard or soft recycled wood in any size or shape.

Old wood table tops, coffee tables in reclaimed oak, dressings and shelves for private homes and boutiques, all hand made from reclaimed wood naturally aged.

Looking for an old oak table or a custom bed in recycled wood?
Simply send us a plan or a photo with the desired piece of furniture and we'll prepare a personalised price offer in a very short time.

  • We create custom reclaimed wood furniture.

    Do you have an idea, a plan or even a photo with a reclaimed furniture that you love?
    Our professional carpentry team is ready to create your custom reclaimed furniture exactly as you want it.
    We craft handmade reclaimed wood furniture in order to give your living spaces a lot of charm.

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    •  barn wood, barnwood, barnwood claddings

      Barnwood claddings

    •  reclaimed wood, barn wood, old wood

      Barnwood claddings

    •  painted barwood, painted reclaimed wood

      Barnwood claddings

    •  patchwork barnwood, reclaimed vintage, reclaimed claddings, reclaimed pine

      Barnwood claddings

    Authentic barnwood claddings in grey and brown colour or event painted.

    The reclaimed barn wood claddings are ideal for any type of indoor and outdoor decoration style.
    Very noble and with a unique patina worked thru time, the reclaimed wood is a natural product, charged with history.

  • Custom reclaimed doors.

    The reclaimed doors are an important factor that you do not want to miss if your decoration style is based on barnwood.
    We create reclaimed internal doors in any style, colour and dimension, only with authentic old wood.
    Reclaimed front doors are an excellent choice for any type of environment.
    Bois Antique offers a wide choice of custom reclaimed doors with high quality finishes combined with modern materials.

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    reclaimed interior door, barnwood door, reclaimed door


Choose the decoration type that fits best to your life style, with an authentic reclaimed wood.

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Reclaimed wood supplier located in Belgium offers a wide range of barnwood products for professionals and private sector in all Europe.

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