reclaimed wood furniture, barnwood furnitureRECLAIMED OAK TABLE PATINA 1

  • old oak table, old oak shelves,recycled wood table, reclaimed wood table
old oak table, reclaimed wood table, recycled wood table, barn wood table
  •  reclaimed wood dining table, old oak table, oak table, barn wood table

    Reclaimed oak table

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    Reclaimed oak table

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    Reclaimed oak table

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    Reclaimed oak table

  •  old wood table, reclaimed wood table, recycled wood table, barn wood table

    Reclaimed oak table

  •  reclaimed wood table, old oak table, barwood table

    Reclaimed oak table



Reclaimed oak tables or shelves made from a 150 years old oak, salvaged from old barns around Europe.
The old oak tables "patina 1" are created by keeping the original external side of the old beams untouched.

#Type: Old oak

Custom hand made reclaimed oak tables, shelves or bar tops available in any size, shape and thickness for private use or commercial sector.

We use sections from 150 years old oak beams carefully selected to create high quality table tops.

Every piece of wood is unique, rare and noble, we offer more than a table, it is actually a piece of history right in your home.

One of our main objective is to determine people to understand that using a reclaimed wood for interior decoration or choosing a reclaimed wood furniture is in fact a big contribution against the deforestation process that will soon affect us all.

reclaimed wood length

Length up to 350 centimeters.

reclaimed wood width

Width up to 120 centimeters.

reclaimed wood thickness

Thickness from 20 - 60 millimeters.

Different finishes are available for our reclaimed wood tables:

• Metal structures : we offer a wide choice of metal legs and structures for any type of table, console or shelves.
Bois Antique collaborates with a specialised team in metal works that is able to create high quality products.

• Old wood edges: we create reclaimed wood tables with all 4 sides in old wood for a quality finish.

• Brushing: in order to obtain the desired patina, we offer different brushing styles.

• Treatment: all our products are by default offered in natural patina, but at you request we provide different treatments with professional products.



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