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    Reclaimed wood claddings

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    Reclaimed wood claddings

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    Reclaimed wood claddings

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    Reclaimed wood claddings

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    Reclaimed wood claddings

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    Reclaimed wood claddings

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    Reclaimed wood claddings

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    Reclaimed wood claddings



High quality naturally aged light brown reclaimed claddings in old alder available in different sizes and thickness.
This product is well known to be highly resistant to humidity, therefore is very suitable even for exterior use.

#Type: Old alder

Light brown reclaimed claddings salvaged from the interior side of old barns and ancient farmhouses around Europe.
An excellent choice if your decoration projects needs to integrate an old wood that needs to be combined with a modern design.

Very often on this type of reclaimed claddings you will find a large amount on knots but a very smooth patina with less fibber in relief.

We have available in our stocks a large amount of light brown reclaimed claddings in different sizes and patinas.
Take advantage of a naturally aged wood full of history and very charming for your decoration projects.

reclaimed wood length

Length between 2 - 3 meters.

reclaimed wood width

Width between 12 - 25 centimeters.

reclaimed wood thickness

Thickness from 15 millimeters.

Many finishes are available for our reclaimed wood products:

• Brushed for a cleaner wood and a more intense patina.

• Edge cut of each board in order to obtain the same width by board.

The edge cutting is very important to have great results and quality finishes, but also to make the installation process much easier.

• Planning of each board in order to obtain the same thickness.

• Tongue & Groove



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