bois ancien, bois de grange a vendre, vieux bois, importateur vieux boisRECLAIMED WOOD

It's the barn wood

Unique and very charming, the barn wood is nowadays the most wanted product for a reclaimed vintage decoration style. The old wood can be easily integrated in modern and rustic environments, from a central London apartment to your Meribel ski chalet.

Our mission is to recover and use the old wood salvaged from old barns and ancient farmhouses, to provide you with a wide range of reclaimed wood products, 100% naturals and charged with history.

reclaimed wood flooring


Our recycled floors and parquets in old oak are rare and singular products, made exclusively from old wood charged in history.
Take advantage of a reclaimed flooring crafted from noble wood, that will certainly give more character to your pieces.

All the reclaimed floorings and parquets which we offer are unique engineered products ready to be installed in yous living spaces. According to each project, the reclaimed floorboards are available in many dimensions, and upon request it can be treated with high-quality coatings.

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